This is are new version 2.0. Works with win 95/98/XP. This version is loaded with many more features, especially designed with the breeder in mind. This is the most advanced animal record keeping software on the market!

This software was designed for reptiles by a long time breeder.  Great for breeders, pets, or for any Reptile  enthusiast, beginner to advanced.

Are you tired of all those messy piles of paper or cards? This is the solution for all of your animal information in one spot and can be accessed within seconds. No more sifting through tons of paper to find that piece of information your looking for. This CD has more features than other record keeping software.  Version 2.0  has the ability to add your own pictures to for each animal. Also you have features like a data base to keep track of your list of Breeders, customers, and suppliers. You also have the ability to keep track of any Vet visits, illnesses, medicines, Feeding, shedding, Growth rate, weight gain, breeding cycles, birth rates and much more. This software is very simple to use. Click on the buttons below to view screen shots.


Main Screen

Individual animal screen

Supplier's screen

Customer's Screen

Breeder's Screen

Individual Breeding Screen

Individual General Care Screen

Health Information Screen

As you can see from the screens above, this is the easiest to use record keeping program and also the most comprehensive program on the market today. Get yours now for only $19.95!

our new 2.0 record keeping software will come to you on a CD, in a jewel CD case. It is shipped to you in a bubble envelope for protection. This is very user friendly software. Made for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. A must have for all reptile enthusiast.

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